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The Show

The Architect Show is a two-day exhibit which aims at connecting the top-tier Architectural and Décor agencies with architects and designers, in an efficiently fast and affordable way.

The unique ambience design of the show, designed by architect Helen Brasinika of Bllend in cooperation with Design Ambassador, guarantees the absolute interaction and communication between visitors and exhibitors.

The Smart & Safe Solutions booth

Our theme emphasis, which visitors had the chance to experience at cluster 22 / level D, as that of the Invisible Loudspeaker, both actually as well as aesthetically.

The solutions presented, included architectural loudspeakers engineered for a completely invisible integration into walls, ceilings and plasterboard, advanced lifestyle design wireless loudspeakers, as well as outdoor solutions for high-output audio, which blend harmoniously into the natural habitat.

The products and solutions exhibited in our booth, come from the following partners:

Watch the video from our booth

Between the many media agencies covering the event, we were honored to have this video coverage by the “Extra” tv station of Greece and their Exodos TV show. Watch it, to enjoy a “live” view of our booth, during the 2019 Architect Show.